About Us

Rinkor Arms opened its doors in July 2013

Rinkor Arms opened its doors to the public in July 2013 to fill a void in the local gun market. The typical experience in a gun shop in the Bay Area was less than desirable. It was the perfect time to launch a gun shop. One that was absolutely committed to providing unbeatable service and care. Where core values of integrity, service and value are the foundations of business.

Don Rinkor

Owner & Founder

Brian Thomson

Director of Operations & Training

Steve Smith

Retail Manager

Mike Numainville

Senior Instructor

Jeramy Spaulding

Assistant Manager / Compliance Officer

Gideon Florence

Sales / Special Orders

“As the owner of several other businesses, I have found that excellent customer service and quality products are always in demand. I knew that this same principle would apply to the firearms business. As a hunter and shooter for nearly 20 years, my experience was that most shops were not that friendly, knowledgeable or willing to serve the needs of their customers.”

As a result of these observations and considerations, it seemed like a great opportunity to start up another business. One that would represent my values of integrity, service, and value. The fact that it had to do with firearms was a plus, and given the current political climate, a bit of a challenge. My goal is to provide exceptional customer service while selling the best quality products. We serve hunters, shooters, gun enthusiast, and law enforcement in the North Bay area. The second amendment may be under attack by politicians looking to make a statement, but it is clear that our founding fathers established the right for US citizens to own firearms… “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed “ Rinkor Arms protects and serves the greater north bay area through firearm safety and education. We also provide a way for those who can legally transfer and register firearms correctly, and easily. Since our opening in 2013, we have expanded our services to include a firearms training division that equips our clients with the skill necessary to enjoy the shooting sports while keeping themselves and our community safe. Whether you are looking for self-defense or safety training, Rinkor Arms has a course that can fulfill your need. With the addition of our Santa Rosa training center, we can now offer indoor training courses to expand the many classes offered. We have also expanded our used firearm consignment program and aid local attorneys, POAs, executors and others working on estate trusts that contain firearms in the portfolios. Our consignment program extends to assisting law enforcement agencies that require our services to transfer firearms out of their property and evidence departments.